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On prom night, after he is being bullied yet again, he injects himself with the formula and transforms, going psycho.Gwen Stacy dons her Spider-Woman costume and fights Peter, defeating and accidentally killing him.Castle eventually makes the connection with Spider-Woman's identity and enlists the help of Kraven the Hunter to perform a siege on the Stacy house.Castle and Kraven brutally beat down Gwen after she gets her father to safety. K.) resulted in uproar amongst several conservative circles.Her father passes the Spider-Woman investigation on to detective Frank Castle.

The series revolves around the Gwen Stacy of Earth-65, an alternate Earth that debuted in Edge of Spider-Verse #2 as part of the 2014–2015 Spider-Man storyline "Spider-Verse".Gwen defeats Vulture and in the end he is put away, Murdock continuing to influence him from behind bars.Frank Castle increases his efforts against Spider-Woman, becoming more and more ruthless.To avoid getting shot, she reveals to her father that she is Spider-Woman.After the Spider-verse event, Gwen goes back to her ordinary life of bumming around by day and Spider-Woman-ing by night.Meanwhile, Peter becomes infatuated with Spider-Woman, without knowing that she is Stacy.The bullied Peter's suffering worsens, and eventually, he creates a formula that turns him into a lizard mutant.Tracking the Lizard into the sewer, Spider-Woman encounters a pack of Lizard men. Gwen eventually convinces Harry that he is in the wrong and allows him to run from S. Earth 65's Captain America, Samantha Wilson, shows up to capture the Lizards and Spider Gwen as well. Gwen saves CA from the Lizards and they part ways on good terms. Upon hearing about this, Wilson Fisk, aka the Kingpin, one of New York's most prominent crime bosses, decides to ally himself with Spider-Gwen—for reasons unexplained—and has corrupt lawyer Matt Murdock (Daredevil on Earth-616, the main Marvel universe) send the assassin Aleksei Sytsevich to kill Captain Stacy.Gwen arrives and saves her father, who corners her at gunpoint.

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