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This is the wisdom I would like to share, but ultimately this is only opinion, as we will have to wait for the field reports in two months to get the cold hard facts. To have success on AFF it is critical that you understand the nature of the site and why women would put a profile on there. I have a friend who went to a massage parlor and wound up having a three month affair with his masseuse, after she gave him full service happy ending. but I just want you to realize that all women are human.

You need to be a charming, interesting guy and actually seduce women. If you want to have sex with attractive women, you’re going to have to learn some game. But you’re dealing with real life human beings — women — not pornography. And if you manage to find yourself on the Adult Friend Finder site, put down your credit card, please.

We believe they do a little of both: generating completely fake profiles and altering the details of real profiles.

The point is, why sign up for a service with fake people?

I’ve taken this advice, and added some of my own observations from crawling around AFF, and also from reading various message boards. Many of these girls will be here for that exact reason.

This would be my strategy for picking up girls on Adult Friendfinder. They want to find a guy who understands their occupation and is ok with it. If you read it you will see that the line between client and sex partner can be crossed WITHOUT the exchange of money.

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