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Especially when Windscribe VPN is offering its own holiday discount.- every day, how many times do you log in to a website or smartphone app?As January 28 is Data Privacy Day, there is no better time to reinforce the importance of keeping information secure.We’ve collated this list of the biggest data breaches to show how personal data is constantly at risk of vulnerability.

Date: November 2016Number of affected users: 412 million What happened: Over 412 million user accounts registered across the Friend Finder Network umbrella, including Adult Friend Finder, were compromised in October 2016.Spread amorphously over various social media platforms, it’s too sleazy to go mainstream but too successful to stay in one place.But the wannabe operators failed to register a key domain name,, that reflects the viral motto “Do it for State! Sj48o0 — AC […] Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson posted a tweet late Sunday condemning Donald Trump for posthumously pardoning Charles Manson, the cult leader jailed for life after his followers murdered nine people in 1967.The number of usernames and passwords we have at our disposal is growing by the day - and hackers and criminals aim to have them at their disposal too, leading many to be at risk of some of the biggest data breaches of all-time.We’ve spoken previously about the importance of preventing data breaches.If that sounds like anyone on your Christmas list, they’re going to get a lot of mileage out of the […] Online shopping is going to be through the roof this month, and you’d better believe that hackers know it.If you’re going to invest in a virtual private network, now is the time.Adult Friend Finder was hacked (again) in October 2016.According to Leaked Source, which acquired a copy of the dataset, this amounts to more than 400m accounts, many with plaintext passwords, from Adult Friend Finder and associated websites.In October 2017, Yahoo’s parent company Verizon revised the estimate upwards, stating that all three billion user accounts had been affected, confirming it as the biggest data breach to date.Date: November 2018Number of affected users: 500 million What happened: Hotel chain Marriott announced in November 2018 its reservation system had been hacked, resulting in the potential exposure of personal data belonging to 500 million guests.

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  1. As someone who has used AFF on and off almost since day one, I feel I’m aptly qualified to write an Adult Friend Finder review. Wanting something casual, adulterous, kinky, fantastic, or just down-to-business?