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You may have a new restaurant pal (or walking partner, or drinking buddy) in no time.

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“Making friends as an adult can be difficult, especially since a lot of the time, people already have their own friend groups established and aren’t open to making new friends,” said one 27-year-old respondent, a single woman.Different and delightful people for all purposes and all seasons.But after the social whirl of college is over, how do you go finding a friend as an adult?On average, it had been about a year or more since the average Gen X or Millennial had made a new friend, but it had only been 10 months since a Baby Boomer had made a new buddy.And while Baby Boomers had an average number of 14 friends (with 3.8 close friends), Millennials only had about 11.7 friends (with 3.8 close friends).“The hardest part of making new friends is finding time to spend with them while still giving my children time with me as a parent,” said one respondent, a 38-year-old man.The death of many friendships is the entrance of a child, or a boyfriend or girlfriend, into your life.If we ourselves have caused the fissure, we self-criticize.Either way, we’re grieving a part of us we think we can’t be without.And 29% said they had volunteered to look for a chum.Being friends means showing up – and having enough time to make friends in the first place.

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