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Discussion: Internet technology has changed our daily lives dramatically and altered the way we communicate as well.As social media applications are becoming more popular, users are connected more tightly to the internet and their time spent with others in the real world continues to decrease.Males often isolate themselves from the social community in order to engage in online gaming while females use the internet as to not be excluded from their communications online.Mental health providers should be aware of the seriousness of internet addictions and hikikomori.Kimberly Young, an American psychologist, initially proposed provisional diagnostic criteria for subjects with problematic internet use with her naming of “internet addiction” in reference to Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) IV (6) criteria for substance dependence in 1996 (7).Two years later, Young revised her definition of internet addiction, which made it more similar to an impulse control disorder in DSM-IV (8).Regarding hikikomori trait, the subjects at high risk for hikikomori on HQ-25 had longer internet usage time and higher scores on both IAT and SAS-SV.Correlation analyses revealed that HQ-25 and IAT scores had a relatively strong relationship, although HQ-25 and SAS-SV had a moderately weak one.

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Adolescents and youth may be particularly attracted to and preoccupied with various online activities.In this study, we investigated the relationship of internet addiction, smartphone addiction, and the risk of hikikomori, severe social withdrawal, in Japanese young adult.Methods: The subjects were 478 college/university students in Japan.However, after thorough discussion, some regard it as one type of behavioral addiction and this attitude seems to be the majority (3, 14–16).In recent years, internet access has been changing.It appears that adolescents and youth maintain their friendship primarily by communicating on the internet, especially young women.Hikikomori phenomena, severe social withdrawal, is one of the most serious social concerns in Japan over the last two decades (28, 29).It has been controversial whether internet addiction is a clinical entity in psychiatry since Young’s proposal about two decades ago (5, 9–11).Internet addiction has not been listed as a psychiatric disorder in the DSM-5 in 2013 (12) nor the International Classification of Diseases (ICD)-11, which was released in June 2018 (13).The number of internet users in Japan has exceeded 100 million and continues to grow.Internet technology has changed our daily lives dramatically.

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