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Usually, these messages are part of a typical “click this link to win an i Phone” type of scam, but some of the messages contain content normally found in sextortion emails.Unlike many of its brethren, Varenyky isn’t playing around when it comes to recording users.That said, since the malware propagates itself via spam, the best defense is to avoid opening strange emails like the plague.Odds are, if a message is offering a “free” i Phone, i Pad, or laptop, it’s probably not real.As we’ve said numerous times before, if a service is free — you’re typically the product being sold.And if an adult website is free to visit, that begs the question: “Who would be interested in buying data it has on you?Since ESET started monitoring the threat, they’ve noticed frequent changes to the malware’s code as features are added and dropped.This means that we may only be seeing the beginning of what Varenyky is fully capable of.

As if screen recording and data harvesting weren’t scary enough, researchers are stressing that these capabilities are actually new to the malware.Some say it’s no one’s business what you view in private, out of sight of others.Some say it’s everywhere anyway, so why be so concerned?The malware, in its current form, has stuck to targeting French internet users — and specifically customers of one French ISP.But that’s not to say that things will remain this way.When it infects a computer, this malware secretly records your screen — and any compromising material that might be on display.We’ll tell you how you can steer clear of this freaky piece of software.It’s also worth mentioning that visiting adult websites can be a security risk on their own.Many of these websites contain a plethora of trackers and malicious cookies that can stick around long after you leave.It’s no secret that there are eyes all over the web keeping tabs on your every move — and it’s not all spyware and ad trackers doing it, either.In fact, some of the biggest names in tech routinely monitor your activity in order to learn about you, recommend content, and sell products and services to you. Our most intimate activities are the kind of material that unscrupulous marketers and cybercriminals are dying to get a hold of — and when they do, the end result is usually blackmail or worse.

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