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The panic was barely lessened by CEO Marissa Mayer's promise to protect "the richness and breadth of content available on Tumblr." So I decided to take a look at what, exactly, Tumblr-ers have to lose -- by visiting the community's most popular adult blogs, of course. Before we continue, a few words on the unscientific process I used to determine the most popular porny sites: Quantcast provides a long, long list of the most popular Tumblr blogs, which I scanned for porny-sounding domain names.

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Tech Crunch calculated that more than 10 percent of the service's most popular 200,000 sub-domains feature Yahoo-unfriendly adult material.(That is, admittedly, a weak qualifier for "porn" because what -------- 5.) The Bad Boys Welcome to the junior high of Tumblr porn.There are images galore of smooching, dry-humping and unhooking of bras.Nameberry is the leader in analyzing baby name popularity, tracking trends, and discovering new names.Created by internationally-recognized name experts Pamela Redmond Satran and Linda Rosenkrantz, it’s the largest and most complete baby name resource in the world.This site makes XXX Booty Videos look like an exercise in minimalism.I'm pretty sure that I almost had a seizure starring at the blog's GIF wall of impressive gluteal gymnastics.It's also possible that my personal definition of porn differs from your personal definition.My I-know-it-when-I-see-it barometer went wild when I checked out a Tumblr titled, ironically enough, "Not Porn." It features zero close-ups of genital penetration, but I'm going to go ahead and call it porn for our purposes because I guarantee that people masturbate to it.Unique names are becoming more fashionable for both baby girls and baby boys, with more rare and uncommon names appearing all the time.Find unique nature names and word names, international names, and ancient names that are back in use for the first time in centuries. That's why we update our popularity lists in real time, so you can see which baby names rank highest with Nameberry readers right now.

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