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He desperately needed that freedom to be himself and be accepted and appreciated.He didn’t feel that he had to pretend or stay within a certain mold, since it was a brand-new world with no rules except those he chose to create with the partner.Everybody needs this special set-apart world—it’s a big part of what makes marriage special.To continue to rebuild the trust and intimacy in the relationship you will need to integrate the message of the affair into your new way of relating.But the best part is that they know for certain that they have forgiven one another.As a result, they know that their relationship is growing closer as time goes by, not more distant.That “historical research” doesn’t excuse you or your mate’s behavior; it just helps you understand the setting in which it occurred.

When he finally brought Angela in for help, she had very little of herself left to consider her anger at Stuart. It took some digging to link her feelings of “frustration” with the incredibly swift processing of the betrayal.Factors both inside and outside the marriage combined to cause the affair, and it’s helpful to review them. “Rats don’t have mice” goes a popular saying, and affairs do tend to run in families.I’d wager a guess that there have either been full-blown affairs in your family tree or at least “close calls.” It is imperative that you go back to your parents and grandparents to find out your history.Angela discovered a whole new person—her real self—to share with her husband.At the end of that long and arduous process, they were able to stand before the congregation and share their testimony of healing without shame.Part of the recovery process is to identify what was missing in the marital relationship and repair that loss.You need to rebuild that own special world you had when you were dating and in the early days of the marriage.Stuart, who had begun to feel like a second-class citizen in the church, could finally begin to feel better about himself, because his sin had been fully recognized by the one he had hurt—his wife.The two have a newfound respect for each other, and the children are doing a lot better, too.Yet here was Angela about to end it all, with no apparent cause.I hypothesized to myself that their resolution of the event five years ago left something to be desired, that there still were major factors left unresolved between them.

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