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However, some the most enjoyable moments I have shared with others have been those first few weeks or months when you’re getting to know another person. The conversation is pleasingly new, you’re exuberant and the attraction, if it exists, is arousing. I would take a few endearing dates over an uninspiring relationship any day. Perhaps I’ll meet another person who is happy to be single together—an oxymoronic romance, my kind of romance.

Over the years whether through traditional forms of dating or ‘hookup’ apps, I have found meaning in the short intimacies shared with others. My new tinder profile will read ‘happily single, seeking same’ with an Arab emoji next to the crescent. You can follow Daniel on Twitter @Daniel_Sleiman or Instagram @danny.sleiman.

I am now in my 30’s and am starting to wonder if I’m just not the ‘relationship type’ or whether I’m just unlucky in love.

Many years ago, back before everyone jumped on the Tinder bandwagon, I joined a dating website called RSVP.

For example, one woman I ‘e-met’ on Tinder, who expressed a keen interest in me initially, unmatched me as soon I told her that I am Muslim.They’re like tie-in chapters, bridging together diverse character narratives within my patched-up story. And in that story, I have realised that being alone doesn’t mean you’re lonely, being single doesn’t mean you have somehow failed. In reality my ‘background’ doesn’t really mean much from day to day. My name is Biblical/Hebrew and my surname sounds German.In case you’re wondering Sleiman is just another spelling of Solomon, which means ‘man of peace’. I can speak on this because I was married to one and have dated many. I don’t mean lie like Americans would look at a lie. They will always put their family before you and listen to them. It’s perfectly acceptable in arab culture to lie and even encouraged. At the least they have a wondering eye because they believe it’s perfectly acceptable for them. They are some of the most sensitive, crying, depressed, sad, angry, mamas boys who’s mothers convinced them they can do no wrong I’ve ever come a crossed. Most are either divorced or in a miserable marriage with someone of the same socioeconomic status that the parents picked out. My screen time has nosedived and I don’t plan on going back.For many people being alone might seem like a bad state to be in, and society tends to view those who are alone as somehow in need of fixing. I enjoy being in the company of my thoughts, movements and dispositions.From the dresses, to the hair and makeup, all the way down to the lovely high heels, I seem to constantly fret about being just right.I’ve always loved dressing up and attending what I call “Arab parties.” When I refer to these parties, I am usually implying an important life event, since that is the time when the party aspect is usually necessary.

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