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I like watching films and going to concerts or events alone.I get the opportunity to take in things that I may not have noticed in the company of others.It’s not that women are not attracted to Muslim Arabs.It’s just that there was, and still is, a subtle prejudice that operates on people’s minds. Mommy will not like you and make you feel most unwelcome even though she smiles to your face she will get her digs in here and there. They will basically suck the life out of you with their shitty moods. They will tell you everything is your fault and go crying to mommy. You will need to cook arab food but it will never be like moms or aunts or sisters.

In case you’re wondering Sleiman is just another spelling of Solomon, which means ‘man of peace’.

I am now in my 30’s and am starting to wonder if I’m just not the ‘relationship type’ or whether I’m just unlucky in love.

Many years ago, back before everyone jumped on the Tinder bandwagon, I joined a dating website called RSVP.

In your profile setup there were sections you could fill out to denote your religion and cultural background.

You could also fill out preferences in your ideal mate including their religion and their cultural background.

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