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The rest of the findings of Kaspersky are below: Online pornography searches have become safer: In 2018, 650,000 users faced online attacks.

That’s 36 percent less than when more than a million of these attacks were detected in 2017.

But this wasn’t the only significant change in the harvesting of adult site logins.

Another new development was that in 2018 the majority of porn login hunting malware focused on stealing credentials from just two sites – Pornhub and XNXX.

Analysts looked at the data to identify the industries with the highest percentage of mobile users. 21 on the list, with 47% of users coming to sites from mobile devices.

The adult industry saw the highest number of mobile users at 84% for the third straight year, followed by gambling at 80%, people and society at 68%, pets and animals at 65%, and food and drink at 64%. Arts and entertainment took the number one spot for the time on site, in terms of minutes, by industry with 7.89 minutes for mobile and 19.18 minutes for desktop.

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The reason cyber – criminal groups bothered to collect these credentials was that they were looking for premium accounts that could later be hijacked from legitimate owners and sold on underground forums and Dark Web markets.In 2018, the total number of page views from mobile devices fell to 42.3%, down from 52.5% in 2017.Views on desktop rose to 57.7% in 2018, up from 47.5% in 2017.Last year, several malware families were configured to search for login credentials on adult sites, but, according to Kaspersky, the most active was the Jimmy Trojan, a lesser known family of malware, which is spread primarily via email spam.This was somewhat surprising for researchers when compared to 2017, when three very large cybercrime operations were the most active strains – namely the banking trojans of Betabot, Neverquest and Panda.This is the default setting and we suggest leaving as-is unless you have small children or a need to be highly restrictive.Keep in mind certain categories will block not just websites one can navigate to in the browser but also, an internet app trying to access those categories.Stone Temple released last week released the latest edition of its study on the state of the mobile web."One clear thing, we did not see continued growth in mobile," said Eric Enge, CEO of Stone Temple Consulting. desktop." The update demonstrates changes in mobile web versus desktop in 2018."Things may have stabilized a bit in mobile use in the U. It also compares the latest data to use levels in 20. In this year's study for 2018, the data shows a lower percentage of mobile traffic than Stone Temple saw in 2017.The stats were pulled from Similar Web and reflect U. Enge said it could be due to a change in the data source used for analysis.

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