Consequences of dating a sex offender

IF such a case DID go forward, all the way to trial, and a conviction was entered, you can be pretty sure that the prosecution had a strong case.

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There was SOME type of evidence presented in the case.

The daughter said it did not happen and refused to testify. DA at the time was running for election and wanted to win election by way of this high proofile case. He spent a small fortune on his defense and investigators in the county colaborate his story of his innocense. I have seen no signs of foul play with my own children. When it all began, the ex tried to charge him in another stats and it was found to be nothing.

Anyway he has 8 more yrs on registry and is classified as no threat. He is a very calm and event tempered person and loving. She the tried to file charges in te county where he lives now and it was found to be nothing.

The bottom line is that you can never know - and unless you happen to be a highly skilled and experienced child psychoanalyst, expecting that you'd RECOGNIZE a child molester isn't practical.

They tend to be able to commit their crimes PRECISELY because they manage to go undetected.

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