Dating naked sex

However, what the two found was friendship rather than love.Herndon says the distance between Atlanta, where he is originally from, and Idaho, where Candace stays, is too much to sustain a relationship — especially now that he is living in Miami.

Marcus Herndon, a full-time mechanical engineering major who started at FIU this fall, was a contestant on episode five of VH1’s debut series “Dating Naked.” Herndon says people’s perception of the show may be skewed, assuming the contestants are primarily thinking about sex on their dates since they are completely nude – but to the contrary.

The show is designed to help people find love, and it did for some contestants – with one couple planning to get married on the show.

Yet, what Herndon found was a life-altering and unforgettable experience.

Now granted, VH1 didn’t have any original programming on Thursday nights between March 29 and June 29, but triple digit rises are nothing to be scoffed at.

Then again, was seen by a total 374,000 audience of 374,000.

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