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To state the obvious, I have a thing for dating older men.Sure, I’ve had a few boyfriends around my age (Hi Peter! ), but they never stole my breath like the older ones did.

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I hate to break it to you honey, but you’re probably not his first love. But if you can overlook the romantic or sexual history of your new beau, it becomes apparent that the past actually be a good thing.And if you didn’t tell your boyfriend to not to burp in your face, then he will continue to do so much to the horror of his future girlfriends.Older men have had this sense shook, slapped, spit, and forced into them by their past girlfriends.Hell, I even married — and later divorced — a man 17 years my senior (Oh hey Steve).It’s fair to say I’m a bit biased when it comes to age gap relationships. Of course, you still get the crazy wack-jobs that you see in every age group, but generally speaking, older men offer a different perspective into dating.And with your older beau by your side, you’ll spark their curiosity a little bit more than the average couple.You’ll be interrogated by family, friends, coworkers, people on the street, and even people in the hardware store (true story! They’ll wonder how you met and how you make your relationship work.To help explain, let’s take a short trip down memory lane.Did you ever have a high school sweetheart that thought it was okay to belch pizza-flavored burps into your mouth while you were making out?Like anything in life, there are some disadvantages to consider.People are naturally curious about other people’s lives.

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