Dirty chatting

Either way, there’s something about sharing that just turns me on.It’s not like I have a full-on conversation in bed, but I love to hear a woman moan.He’d tell me I was his good girl, and often said that he would give me babies if I belonged to him. He even had a girlfriend, who knew about his other lovers.We never met in real life, but I can only imagine what I’d have heard if I’d joined them.I’m bisexual and I’ve found men and women like very different types of dirty talk.With women, it’s often phrases like ‘you taste so good’ or ‘are you enjoying that’.Favourite words included ‘harder’, ‘baby’ and ‘daddy’.This was alongside moaning, heavy breathing and screaming.

I’ve found most guys like silence, or porn phrases such as, ‘Oh yeah, that’s good’. According to a recent survey conducted on bedroom sounds and noises, 76% of men and 74% of women said dirty talk was at the top of their list. Online dating agency, Saucy Dates, has revealed what men and women prefer to hear between the sheets.I’ve had men beg me to squirt and, if I do, they often think they’ve done the job.In reality, it’s the female who puts in all the effort.I like to talk too and will often tell men that if I don’t feel anything the day after, they’re doing something wrong.I’m an actor and can do a number of different accents.I’ve even asked a girl to say another guy’s name once, while I f***ed her.Threesomes are also great, either with a partner or strangers.On occasion, if we’re both in the mood, I’ll go that extra bit further and call her a dirty little b***h.When I was in my final year of sixth form, I had a fling with one of my teachers.

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