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Such focus and attention are legitimate and even necessary for basic living.

S 248.8'4—dc21 2001054382 ave you ever stopped to consider how much time, energy, and emotion you spend on your outer self, the externals of life? The overwhelming majority of your life is spent on the externals—making money, eating, exercising, entertaining, shopping, sleeping, and so on.

A true soul mate relationship can be attained only when there are a solid level of spiritual compatibility and a mutual agreement that the marriage centers on a relationship with God.

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Published in Nashville, Tennessee, by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Devotions for dating couples : building a foundation of spiritual intimacy / Ben Young & Sam Adams p. In addition, this devotional is a resource to help serious dating couples (or engaged couples) begin to build a foundation of spiritual intimacy in order to promote the kind of marriage that will last a lifetime.

We’ve already both read through the book of James in its entirety a couple of times, and now we will begin going through our chunks, one chunk per week.

So our plan is to read the chunk of James on our own, and read the corresponding section in the commentary on our own.

This resource is for couples who are in a long-term dating relationship with a view toward marriage.

It is not necessarily intended for couples who are casually dating or in the early stages of a relationship.

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