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Be forewarned, however, that e Harmony has a bit of a checkered history when it comes to inclusion.The company faced a lawsuit back in 2005 for discriminating against same-sex couples, reports CNN.You don’t have to be toyed with anymore, get your heart broken or invest your emotions in people that are not worth it.You can meet serious singles who want serious dating like you do online.If you're in search of a long-term relationship and everything that comes with it, here are the sites with the best odds for finding just that.

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— but some users are looking for something more serious (perhaps even permanent).It’s not like there is a club or bar where people looking for serious relationships hangout neither is it written on people’s faces.It’s all trial and error which can take your time, energy and money before you realise it’s not for you.When starting a relationship, the status of the relationship needs to be defined.Sometimes both parties are serious about the relationship, one party is serious and the other is just taking it casually or the both of you are not ready to take the relationship too serious.There is community of people looking for serious relationships online, people who don’t want random or casual dating.This is the best way for you to meet people in your area who are on the same page with you and want the same thing you want which is to find love in a serious relationship.Despite the purported success rates of sites like and e Harmony, marriages and long-term relationships can still emerge from Tinder and other similar dating apps.The best way to meet someone may still be in person, however, especially if you're looking for a commitment.After years and months of not being on the same page relationship wise with your partners, you can be sure that you would meet people who are ready for a serious relationship and are looking for love on a serious dating site.It’s easy to assume the other person wants the same thing as you in a relationship, which is not always so.

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