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Surprisingly, the first email service was available in 1971, and from then on, this fast method of communication and transportation of files and information has taken over the world.

As of today, the average office worker receives 121 emails per day and sends out 40 professional emails to others.

The United States holds the highest number of spams sent daily, with China and Russia following close behind.When you create a reverse email account with Go Look Up, you get immediate access to Go Look Up background check services including public records such as court records, arrest records, social media information, reverse address information, contact information, images and social activity.You also gain the ability to perform unlimited reverse email lookups and share your account with your family.Nowadays emails have become an advertising tool for different companies and corporations who wish to sell products and services to email users.Like with any advertising format, email advertising also has rules and laws that advertisers have to follow for the good of the public, to avoid facing legal consequences.Access email contact information, phone number information, reverse address lookup, business information, property information, unclaimed money, background checks and much more!In the first years of emails, everyone used them to communicate with each other, and the term spam email did not even exist.Go Look Up provides top notch reverse email lookup services to help you block and identify who is behind an email that has been sent to you.Go Look Up services are not limited to reverse email lookup or reverse email search.But how do you go about picking the best email search tool?Go Look Up has been online since 2014, offering reverse email searches and background checks to thousands of daily customers.

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