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So I formed an experiment: I decided to spend the entire weekend exclusively eating food provided for me by men.

I hoped to discover that there were guys out there who wouldn't think a purchase of food and an hour of acting like a decent person meant I owed them sex. I went out with a couple of girlfriends Friday night.

Anyone who currently commits a sexual offence in the UK, including youth offenders, will have all their salient details recorded and kept by the state for a predetermined period of time linked to the seriousness of their offence, their level of dangerousness and risk of re-offending.

This is now being introduced with respect to domestic violence perpetrators too.

Around 2 am, drunkry (drunk-hungry) pangs hit, so I began scouting guys who'd potentially be down to grab drunk food with me.

Eventually, I roped a guy into snagging me a slice.

There may not be the same number of apps on offer but the doesn’t mean the UK shouldn’t watch closely to monitor how these services operate.

The stakes could be all the more high in a country where official information is hard to come by.

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An app on offer in the US says it can determine whether the person you are dating has anything to hide, using facial recognition to see if they are on the sex offenders register.At least, that's probably where he was hoping things would lead.If I wanted pizza that night, I'd have to have him as a topping. I was tired of the fact that performing a nice deed for a woman -- fixing something around the house, buying food, giving her oral sex -- had to go hand-in-hand with penis-in-vagina.These are based on what information is freely available on the inherent or on personal and local knowledge.Because they rely on even less official information, they are more likely to be incorrect compared to those in the US.A nice dinner is expensive, after all, and she should be grateful.As repulsive as it sounds, I find myself falling for it again and again.That means public access is more restrained and information is less likely to be inappropriately obtained.Over the past few years there has been an increase in the number of apps that offer to check the whereabouts of sex offenders in local communities; particularly in the US."I'm hungry," I texted the guy I've been talking to for the past few weeks.He responded nearly immediately: "I can come over with pizza and wine."I paused, because I knew "come over" didn't mean chilling on the couch and watching "Broad City." We were going to have sex.

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  1. So given the evidence, and the fact that it’s totally okay to think dating online sucks and still do it anyway, I wanted to know: Which apps come most recommended by people who fuckin’ hate to date? Some of their answers won’t surprise you—even if their reasoning does—while other options are refreshingly new.