Free verification id for online dating best free senior dating sites

Modern identity verification providers are now providing emerging methods of verification and face-based authentication with seamless user experience, and online dating sites need to follow suit.

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As the consequences of online dating fraud escalate, businesses need to implement stronger means of user authentication for online dating sites in 2019.

A study by Statistic Brain There is virtually no digital identity verification process when creating an online dating account to ensure the digital identity of the account holder matches the physical identity, nor an ongoing authentication process to ensure an online account is still being operated by the same person. Following a year full of high-profile data breaches, a user’s PII is now more readily available for use by cybercriminals to conduct fraudulent attacks.

Most dating apps verify through other apps such as Facebook, and it’s easy to create a fake Facebook profile. A 2015 Ashley Madison breach exposed the data of some 37 million users.

Face-based biometric authentication with a strong liveness detection allows users to access their account through a selfie.

Each time a user logs in a new selfie is compared with the original selfie created upon enrollment to ensure only the true user is accessing the account.

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