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Modern identity verification providers are now providing emerging methods of verification and face-based authentication with seamless user experience, and online dating sites need to follow suit.Consumers demand a frictionless experience when online. The use of online dating sites and mobile dating apps has swelled to unprecedented levels in recent years, creating new paths to dating bliss for modern singles.Mobile dating apps in particular are experiencing tremendous growth as new generations of daters are trending towards immediacy in social experiences.By establishing these standards of identity verification, site users will also benefit.

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Furthermore, a 2016 study in Psychology Today found at least half of dating website users have lied about themselves in their profiles.Reinhard Hochrieser is Vice President of Product Management at Jumio, and responsible for the entire product experience, driving innovative ideas and solutions, and leading a global team of product managers.He previously served as Jumio’s director of product management, and has been with the company since 2012.Just as important, facial biometrics offer a simple one-step solution to the problem of remembering a vast array of PIN codes and passwords.Online dating companies that don’t consider adopting this technology in the future may experience significant losses in both active users, revenue and reputation.Most are mild lies like weight and wealth, but some users are what would be called more severe “catfishers” and pretend to be someone they are not.Beyond catfishing, thousands of reports of stalking, rape, abductions, murders and physical attacks have emerged from dating sites.However, if companies continue to allow users to create accounts with only an email address or Facebook account, these scams will continue to happen.Because of the proliferation of data breaches taking place over recent years, traditional authentication methods such as knowledge-based authentication and SMS-based two-factor authentication are no longer approved by the National Institute of Standards and Technology — they are much easier for cybercriminals to bypass today.A study by Statistic Brain There is virtually no digital identity verification process when creating an online dating account to ensure the digital identity of the account holder matches the physical identity, nor an ongoing authentication process to ensure an online account is still being operated by the same person. Following a year full of high-profile data breaches, a user’s PII is now more readily available for use by cybercriminals to conduct fraudulent attacks.Most dating apps verify through other apps such as Facebook, and it’s easy to create a fake Facebook profile. A 2015 Ashley Madison breach exposed the data of some 37 million users.

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