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A comprehensive list of the most popular sex buddy sites (many of which are in fact fraudulent).Everything is listed below with a short summary of why the site should not be trusted and a link directly to the review of that particular sex buddy website.The two websites listed below never had to do that because they were the pioneers in the adult dating industry.if you've ended up purchasing a membership on a website and you know you've got scammed you can fight back. The first thing you should do is cancel your membership and also contact your financial institution.There aren't very many legit fuck-buddy sites out there.

Over the years the overwhelming majority of reviews we've done have pointed out that most hookup sites are in fact scams in one way or another.These web sites attract legitimate members because back in the 1990s there was no need to create fake dating sites.People by the millions joined these hook up sites because they were the very first casual dating sites to find fuck buddies.Today you have thousands of adult dating sites vying for your attention.Unfortunately there aren't enough real women to go around so these newer phony dating sites create fake women.The first thing you need to do is have some common sense if you start getting emails from super hot looking girls 2 minutes after joining the site then that's a big red flag the site you just joined is fake.If you don't get emails right away and the women on the site don't all look like super models and porn stars that's a good sign.To do so would imply that there are good things that merit mentioning. As far as the bad things — all you need to know is that the site consists entirely of fake profiles. We would rate Cheaters Network (aka Fuckzer) as VERY POOR. Sometimes you’re looking for a hookup site that will yield you results — fast.When that’s the case, many people will place a lot of value on the name of the site.After all, if the name implies hot and fast action — what more could you want, right?Such is the case with an online hookup site that many of our readers have been asking us to evaluate. With a name like that, you will never confuse it for a home cooking or sewing and embroidery site.

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