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Simply put, reinfection occurs when a person living with HIV gets infected a second time while having unprotected sex with another HIV infected person.Compelling evidence has surfaced in human case studies that have confirmed fears that HIV reinfection can occur and can be very problematic for HIV infected people. As you may already know there are several strains of HIV.Positive Singles is a place where you don’t have to worry about rejection or discrimination.At Positive Singles, we have been helping people with STDs find love and support since 2001.In addition, when exposed to medications, HIV changes or mutates over time.If a person is reinfected with a strain of HIV that is different from the strains already present or if a mutated HIV type is introduced into the body through unsafe sex, treatment will be much more complex and potentially ineffective.

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Eventually my viral load skyrockets and my immune system pays the price. Simply put, to prevent reinfection, safer sex should be the rule with each and every sexual encounter. While it will feel different it can be very pleasurable.

We all know safer sex practices are the most important way to prevent transmission of HIV to the uninfected population.

But now it is becoming clear that HIV infected people can benefit from safer sex as well.

With this information, your doctor can be in tune to therapy failures is they occur and possible reasons for that failure.

He or she may even feel a genotype resistance test could be helpful.

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