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This tether would be broken if the user left the aura of the eximus, or if the eximus died.

An invisible aura that has a large radius, drains something that is essential for a Warframe's survivability (Especially frames with draining energy abilities, like Mesa, Valkyr or Excalibur) AND travels through walls. My personal suggestions: Option 1: Make it Line-Of-Sight based.

These bastards drive me batty, and you don't always have a Trin around to help. i'd even go so far as to say that the problem (of too much ability spam) isnt even a problem but a feature of this game. As much as I like the idea of this having like a visible dome or something also, I think the bigger problem in missions with boat loads of enemies is you may not even be able to SEE the eximus.

Feedback for option 2 because I think it's the best choice A). This tether may be a better way to see the drain is occurring as well as lead you to it's source.

Mutalist Moas, Broodmothers, Ancients, Boilers can all be either parasite, heat based, toxin based and sanguine.

The fucking chargers, runners, leapers and crawlers can be only motherfucking parasite. What needs to be done to make them less carcinogenic to deal with: It was once suggested a while back that they give back the energy back they drained once they are killed which I still think could atleast be one way of fixing the problem (not entirely but every bit helps) radius of it.

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