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Something may have happened in the past which you perceived in a negative way.

But if you choose now to perceive what happened in a positive way or to perceive what’s positive in it, other people’s perception of it will also be changed in the present. When you change your perception of something about the past, you will change everything else that is associated with it that everyone is unaware of.

Your present reality is literally influenced by your thoughts of the past."We can change our past by altering our memory of it.

Holmes, and that his tendency to play role playing games was more than entertainment, but a reflection on his worldview.

He bought into a destructive philosophy that assumes no truth or absolutes.

He may have meant that he would be in prison, or more cynically, he may have been hinting at his plan to change the past, questioning whether or not the possibility of visiting him in prison will even exist at that time.

The drugs it appears were not to protect him from pain, he had body armor for that, but instead, to induce an altered state of mind, to allow him the ability to change his perception of reality and create a new one.

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