Lesbian dating sex sites

She often already has a main partner and is looking for someone else to either join the relationship or have casual sex with on the side and makes it clear that you should "swipe left if you have a problem with that," as if that really needed to be said. In her own mind she is the ultimate authority on what makes someone a "real lesbian" and it is only women who are exactly like her.

Her bio not only mentions that she is gold star and knew that she was gay from the second she popped out of the womb but often disparages bi and/or trans women.

She brags that she "doesn't care about politics" as if that's an accomplishment.

She mentions that she hates Tinder on her profile as if she's not literally using it right now. Whether you're in one of these groups, a combination of several, or something else, I hope you find your person.

She has some interests in common with the New Age Free Spirit like practicing Wicca, tarot cards, and her septum piercing.

They get extra eyeroll points if the bio uses a corny phrase like "we're queering heterosexuality."She's basically your dad or older brother in lesbian form. She mostly wears sweatshirts and jerseys but has one or two pictures of her in a suit in her profile.

Even if she's not your type you can't help but admire how comfortable in her butchness she is. She compares her pet ownership to having an actual human child.

Yet after swiping for a while, a lot of the candidates you see look similar.

If you're a woman who uses a dating app to date other women, members of these groups will be impossible to avoid.

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