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( self deprecating sense of humour) Along the way I gained a firm sense of integrity.I am analytical, organized, sensitive, and write copious Well, I may not be good at writing about myself but I will try. I enjoy the outdoors, and the winter didn't kill me, so I am still here.I am very loyal, and need to be sure that the person I care for is also loyal and trustworthy. I a woman Eternal optimist, snarky sense of humor, loves glamping, mycology, dogs, British murder mysteries, hates drama, negative people, Trump supporters.Looking to stay in the pacific northwest but willing to travel and relocate. It all started 61 years ago and has gone downhill ever since.I love the beach, sun, surfing, soccer, kayaking, tennis, cycling, paddling, trekking.I I am a very warm, loving reliable person with a good sense of humor.My interests include gaming, sharing and listening, reading and writing, I am more of an indoor cat than an outdoor cat.

The nut by itself is dull but becomes delightful with a nice thick coat of I’m looking to meet someone(s) who’s looking for more than a just a hookup.

There are few things I love more than music, my niece, art, pets, road trips/traveling, meditation/yoga and physical activity in the great outdoors.

Ok I also live for live music and loud/lively Life is now. I love doing renovation/transformation projects, big or small.

Am a very loving care person who is looking for the same in other person.

I love just having fun and spending time with my partner, love quiet I'm open minded, outgoing, fun, and assertive(in a good way).

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  2. I don't understand (and have never understood) the idea behind “just dating.” Like, what does “just dating” even mean? Doesn't dating lead to relationships, and doesn't the right relationship lead to love?