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Clothing, too: The belts and things that show off the waist-to-hip ratio, the tight blue jeans and shirts that mold the figure.Both sexes always know these things." People built their hopes and dreams on relationships, not mating strategies."These differences aren't as conspicuous as those for short-term desires, but they are still quite distinct," Schmitt says.

"The main difference is in short-term mating strategies, or how men and women go about being promiscuous." "We don't say men and women always opt for short-term strategies," Schmitt says.Women want to know their potential partners significantly longer before sex.Yet another difference points to the origin of the dumb-blonde stereotype: The minds of men.But when they opt to do so, they show these desires." Another big difference: Men are ready to say "yes" to sex much more quickly than women.They say they'd need to know a person only a relatively short time before consenting to sex.Men, she says, already know that they need to appear fit and socially powerful to attract a mate. "Men are looking for youth and beauty in the short term -- women really do know this," Fisher says. It is remarkable how the makeup and clothing industry constantly plays on this.Makeup makes the face clearer, the eyes bigger, the lips more baby-like red, the hair the sweet light color of youth. Both can choose short-term or long-term sex strategies. Paradoxically, both men and women are also programmed to mate for life."Men's preference for intelligence in short-term mates drops off the scale," Schmitt says."If you look at what men want in a short-term mating partner, a sexual partner as opposed to a marriage partner, they prefer below-average intelligence." These different desires hold true regardless of whether women or men are married or single, heterosexual or homosexual. Schmitt's findings also support basic differences between men and women in what they want in a marriage partner.

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