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A slinky lineup of eveningwear essentials that demand confidence of their wearer, Mônot’s clothes are well suited to luxurious backdrops.Shown on top model pals like Sudanese-Australian star Ajak Deng and American beauty Madisin Rian, as well as runway breakout Bryce Anderson, the corresponding lookbook was a labor of love that came together in less than 48 hours.After arriving in New York as a political refugee as a teenager, he threw himself into the creative industries, eventually settling into work as a luxury consultant connecting brands with Hollywood talent and advising them on how to up the ante with their shows.“My first job was doing celebrity endorsement deals, but I became more involved with the fashion brands,” he says.Segment 1: Blind Date; While Kyle and his girlfriend, Lisa have sex, Brian, his roommate returns and interrupts them.

“They have their habits and don’t experiment [with their look] once they know that Dior Homme is where they get their perfect jeans, Hermès is where they can find a great sweater.” Mizrahi is, of course, an exception to that rule, with a wardrobe that runs the gamut from pearl-embellished suiting, to full Gucci looks that have garnered him attention on social media.

If you’ve watched the MTV reality show in the past, then you basically know how it all works, but this season is going to be a little different.

And we’re not just talking about how season 7 introduced the Fate Button — we’re talking about changing the game entirely.

is returning for season 8 on Wednesday, June 26, and we can’t wait.

But before we dive right into the drama, let us introduce you to the new cast.

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