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On season 8, the singles are all sexually fluid, meaning that things aren’t divided down the usual guys and girls lines.In the past, there have been 22 singles — 11 guys and 11 girls, meaning each contestant has 11 possible matches that they have to narrow down.If you’re curious about the math, that’s — well, that’s a little over our heads, but rest assured this season is going to be entertaining AF.Check out the gallery below to meet all the new cast members. Frankie isn’t technically a member of the cast, but you will see her on the show a lot this season.“I’ve always been interested in architecture,” says Mizrahi.

“My first job was doing celebrity endorsement deals, but I became more involved with the fashion brands,” he returning for season 8 on Wednesday, June 26, and we can’t wait.But before we dive right into the drama, let us introduce you to the new cast.Segment 2: Sexy Car; Because her girlfriend, Michelle forces Adam to buy a better car, he follows the ads on the paper and finds a bargain.A soon to be divorced woman, Bella sells her dead husband's brand new car very cheap to get a revenge on him. This season, there are 16 singles total, and they run the gamut across the gender and sexuality spectrums.Each single could be matched with anyone else in the house, meaning they all have 15 possible perfect matches.“That’s all been done—I don’t want to be every Tom, Dick, and Harry,” shared Mizrahi with a laugh at his salon in the Hôtel de Crillon.Instead, Mizrahi hosted one-on-one sessions at the historic hotel designed to bring the audience into his glitzy, model-filled world, and to act as a throwback to the days of more intimate meetings between designer and client.A slinky lineup of eveningwear essentials that demand confidence of their wearer, Mônot’s clothes are well suited to luxurious backdrops.Shown on top model pals like Sudanese-Australian star Ajak Deng and American beauty Madisin Rian, as well as runway breakout Bryce Anderson, the corresponding lookbook was a labor of love that came together in less than 48 hours.

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