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C., told me in a previous interview that when she got to Congress she had been surprised to learn about the loopholes in these regulations, so she wrote a rule prohibiting members from having relationships with committee staffers.

(Hill is accused of an affair with a legislative staffer, not a committee staffer.) She and Hill moved in together to save on costs of housing in DC, since the two millennial lawmakers were both short on cash compared to their older, wealthier colleagues.

” But Hill’s case also illuminates the tricky nuances of workplace relationships in the #Me Too era.

The cultural reckoning with sexual harassment has cast a pall over many workplace relationships, and especially those between a boss and a subordinate.

She admitted to her relationship with her female campaign staffer Morgan Desjardins (which is unethical and worthy of resignation, but does not necessarily violate House rules because Desjardins is not on her congressional staff) and she’s been accused of having a relationship with legislative staffer Graham Kelly (which Hill has called “absolutely false,” and which would likely violate new House rules preventing sexual relationships between members and staffers), but neither Desjardins nor Kelly has has come forward to accuse her of any misconduct.

“The only person who seems to have a gripe is @rep Katie Hill’s soon-to-be ex,” tweeted Rep.

Matt Gaetz, a millennial Republican who opposes Hill on most political issues but served with her on the Armed Services Committee.

“Who among us would look perfect if every ex leaked every photo/text?

“She looked like a model, to be honest, and when we started talking she was so friendly.

Millennials are gaining power at all levels of American government: Enter, Katie Hill.

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