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The high-frequency vibrations of a washing machine in the spin cycle are almost as good as vibrators and cock rings. Let the machine work Sex in the desert has one major benefit. You can strip off all your clothes, leave your scruples at home, and screw like wild animals. If you make the trip worth your while (and I hope you do), bring plenty of water and snacks to replenish those fluids and nutrients.

It’s a two-in-one; you can both jump up there and get the benefit of one machine. You can have some real fun when you’re in a place with no rules or reservations. You could be bumping uglies in a glass box, exposed to hundreds of people.

The shadows cooling your sex-flushed face while the flames warm your willing orifices.

And afterward, you can snuggle up for some hot cocoa and post-shag bonding.

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You may find that you’re a more adventurous lover than you realize.

It’s a convenient place for a one-off quickie between business meetings.

It’s also a great option for those afflicted with what I call, “over-passionate syndrome.” More commonly known as premature ejaculation.

The open sea and pools provide plenty of buoyancy for you to play with fun positions. Be sure to use lube anytime you’re dealing with salt, sand, or chlorine.

Everyone has knocked boots between the sheets in a hotel room, there’s nothing special about that.

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