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So, if you need more than one person to fulfill your desires and needs – sign up for free today and start meeting polyamorous singles, just like you.

Here you can be free to be yourself and never hide your intentions.

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It’s normal to desire more love, that’s because you have too much of it in you. Meet polygamists, dating in your area and open your heart to new impressions.

Join our polygamy dating site to unleash all your romance and unexpressed feelings.

In pursuit of their "third", the couple have been attending a polyamory group in their native Ohio.

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Stop looking for matches who don’t accept your philosophy of polyamory dating – it’s not fruitful and leads to disappointment.

Go to Quick Flirt for easy love, open dating, and freedom in love and romance.

Why consider yourself satisfied with one partner when there are so many other people who attract you as well?

Polygamous dating is not about cheating or single time meetups, it’s a special connection, affinity, love and sharing without exclusivity.

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