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If you're looking to heal from past wounds, make better choices, or improve an existing relationship, this book is for you. Whether you're queer, straight, trans, ace, demi, aro, are dealing with past abuse or societal bullshit, or have no freaking clue what's going on with you yet, Dr. I was looking for something deeper, maybe more spiritual or psychological, but this book still had some value despite being focused on a the more physical aspects of intimacy.

Monogamy and Polyamory: "Only 30% of primates are down for monogamy, and only 3% of mammals. This holds true of all genders." (p 188) That's 50/50 for both men and women, so watch out you sexist creeps.

In today's world of Insta-dating, I see a lot of people falling into fast relationships that end up in the garbage after a year or so.

It's irresponsible and impatient, but it's quickly becoming part of our dating culture.

She doesn't go into too much detail on trauma and recovery, but does recommend other resources for this. Trust is the only way that a trauma survivor will be able to work through this with a significant other, but the catch is that trust is very difficult for people with trauma to experience.

The explanation of PTSD is this: "The brain presumes that your past will be your future and goes into survival mode. Luckily, Harper wrote a book on this: "Unfuck Your Brain".

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