Sex meetups

“When you come to our parties, you see South Asians, East Asians, black folks, Latinx folks, femme folks, masc folks, trans folks — everyone just celebrating the community.That is not something that happens often,“ Ghosh says.Others involve more structured discussion, as with the group’s themed “Our Stories” series, which have covered topics like activism and consent culture.

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“We have to put the folks that are furthest to the margins toward the center.” As Qunify and Ghosh have planned more events, the checklist has grown.

Now, Ghosh looks for spaces large enough to hold as many people as they plan to invite.

(They catalog all former meeting spaces on their website in a Queer Philly Map.) And to make sure the events appeal to everyone in the LGBTQ community — not just, say, the happy hour set — Qunify diversifies the activities, too.

Some events bring people together to have casual conversations over coffee.

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