Sexting websites online dating but no sex

If you’ve shared a message or picture with someone who doesn’t want it: If you're over 18 and someone’s shared a naked or sexual picture of you without your consent, they’re breaking the law.Lots of social media sites can take images of you down if you report it, but this may not always happen.If you’re worried about an image that’s sent, received or posted online, you can always visit the e Safety website to find out more about what you can do.

The word ‘sexting’ means when a sexual image or video is sent via a text message.

Follow our instructions below or find more information at the Snapchat website.

Make a report If you receive an abusive or worrying message.

It could be a picture of you, but sometimes people send pictures and videos of other people.

Messages could be to a friend, boyfriend, girlfriend or someone online.

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