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Their support of local non-profit youth organizations is second to none.Colorado Youth Symphony Orchestras orders hundreds of pizzas a year for our young musicians and Sexy Pizza delivers on time with the best, freshest pizza in Denver.Doesn’t the subtle kind of Cosmo sexism, then, work in both ways?By demeaning women, it demeans men too, as they are perceived as the gullible recipients of endless seduction techniques, and reinforces the common assumption they are only capable of shallow sexual relationships void of any real emotional attachment.

Pretty much every article I came across offered female readers advice on ways to improve their looks or their whole self for the benefit of men.

What struck me the most was not only the subtle creepiness of Cosmo’s advice, but also the fact that, were you to patch up all the glimpses of women that emerge from the magazine’s pages, you would probably obtain the kind of female specimen that all those horrible, exploitative Tumblrs and blogs are about.

The second, more unexpected problem I found with Cosmo was that, since many of its articles are centred around men’s pleasure and satisfaction, said men are inevitably shown as seriously lacking emotional depth and being little more than sex-machines that can easily be bagged thanks to a particular hairstyle or a certain raunchy text message.

” How degrading and insulting to both sexes, and what a range of antiquate stereotypes emerges!

And in such a respected, well-established publication?

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  1. Gals: Love 'em in all shapes, sizes, and ages. fairly limitless to a point, just nothing completely extreme and im good.. Don´t know if it happens to you as well, but whatever I write in bios always sounds painfully dumb. Have a small weakness for dirty mouthed white women, and... Exceptions are made for new members that can't exchange messages. I do enjoy roleplay, muscular guys and just plain enjoying this crazy world we all live in.