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I get paid to discuss the most common but the most uncomfortable topic in this nation. Read more » Jessi Ensenberger “You Can’t Get Pregnant Standing Up”: Why America Should Beef Up on Peer Education by Jessi Ensenberger, Planned Parenthood of Indiana Last year I became a peer educator with Planned Parenthood of Indiana in Bloomington, Indiana.I am extremely passionate about spreading comprehensive, medically accurate knowledge about sexuality; but this isn’t the only reason… 2) Contributing author to Teaching Safer Sex I had just started 8th grade at Byrd middle school in Richmond, VA. Read more » by Bill Taverner Both volumes of the preliminary draft of Teaching Safer Sex, 3rd ed.There’s nothing like a few hundred sex educators sitting around, sharing tips, and telling stories.Although my work focuses on working with adults while many of my colleagues work with youth…Over the last 16 months, I have learned to elaborate, and now my… Ed Planned Parenthood Mid and South Michigan A funny thing happened on the way to looking for a new job.

GRADUATE and UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMS American Academy of Clinical Sexologists North Miami, FL Ph. – pastoral clinical sexology Prepares students for sex therapy certification in Florida (a requirement in…

Read more » As a page administrator for the CSE, I am made privy to some stats about the page, in particular, who is visiting. Of those female-identified individuals, the majority are between the ages of… Hoffer MS, Ph D, Ed D The path to my career as a sex educator is clearer in retrospect than it was when I first set out on it!

I read to them, held their hands when we crossed the… Of the 459 people “liking” us, 74% are female-identified, and 21% are male-identified.

Read more » by Marty Klein I was recently interviewed by internet safety expert Dr. We had such an interesting conversation I thought I’d write about this myself.

Of course, 700 words can’t possibly cover every aspect of this issue.

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