Trisha paytas dating sex offender

It wasn't until recent years that I have actually enjoyed it.

I don't enjoy all the aspects of gay sex with a woman.

Although Paytas' is single these days, she enjoys going out on a date.

Once, she uploaded a drunk video of herself where she mentioned about meeting a random guy who made her want to fall in love.

She left Wilt after she caught him kissing another man.

Until then, Paytas had no idea that her beau was a gay.

She said: Also find out if, Sean Van der Wilt is married.

On one of her videos, Paytas mentioned how she feels that she is a gay as well.

With 3.5 million subscribers Trisha Paytas is one of the renowned stars on You Tube.

She is often termed as a drama queen and sometimes ' Taylor Swift' of You Tube.

It is a struggle and journey from truth to falsehood, love from hatred, and gains to lose.

And every battle in our life has shaped into the person we want to be today.

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