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As nearly 85% percent of sex abuse cases are never reported, it is never a good idea to depend on the registry alone to protect children.Find information below on how the registry works and how to use it effectively.For the vast majority of adults who have committed a sexual offense, treatment significantly reduces the future risk of offending.Legal Preparing for legal involvement can help an adult who is at-risk to abuse a child or who has abused a child plan for safety, as well as prepare others who are concerned that an adult they know is a risk to children.Learning how to talk about your concerns can help protect a child in your life and make a huge difference in the life of an adult who needs help.

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Speaking Up If you are seeing warning signs or risky behaviors, raising your concerns with other adults can be the first step to protecting a child.

Filing a report can result in holding the person who is abusing accountable and getting them treatment so that they will be able to stop abusive behaviors.

Keys to Intervening Most children who are sexually abused, are abused by someone they know and trust, yet there is no single profile of an adult who sexually offends children.

Someone you love or care about may be acting in ways that worry or confuse you.

Maybe you’ve noticed inappropriate behaviors that have a sexual tone or make others feel awkward, nervous, or embarrassed.

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