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Check in Take the time to check in with your child after she has had some one-on-one time with a special friend. Joanie Willard is Director of Family Services and a Clinical Social Worker for the school.

Family Services provides case coordination and support to families, assisting them at May Institute, and as they transition to the next step.

But let me tell you, if a friend or potential date doesn’t take the time to try and understand, or if they don’t care enough to appreciate how strong and brave you are for speaking up for yourself, then they don’t deserve to be with you. I went out with a guy and he ordered me a cheesesteak in a different language…how was I supposed to know he ordered my cheesesteak with everything (including onions, which were basically embedded into the meat). Otherwise, you’ll end up resentful and upset over something that could have been prevented or at least better controlled.

(Like politely explaining that you cannot eat that onion-studded Philly cheesesteak).

Wanting to run free, play in the dirt, climb trees, and get messy, I didn’t care what I looked like or how straight my hair was.

When you have IBS, this topic is even more important and will come up often in your dating life.

Empower her to say “no” if she does not want to do something or does not want to be touched.

Private time, private space Help your child understand the difference between appropriate and inappropriate behavior in public places.

We’ve got a great article on Traveling with IBS: Being A Good Travel Buddy – with lots of wonderful advice on how to ensure your IBS doesn’t ruin your travel plans and how to be a good friend to your good friend who is supporting your needs too. I believe this stems from my struggle with body image. I could blame a lot of things for this, but the only way I figured out how to get over it was by looking internally.

It is highly unlikely that your partner doesn’t have days where he/she doesn’t feel great.

It’s important that you take the time to listen to their problems and support them, too.

And talk to her about the qualities she should look for in a partner – someone who is kind to her, respects her, makes her feel good about herself, and doesn’t take advantage of her. Suggest that she look for someone who shares her interests, is functioning on a similar intellectual level, and is close to her own age (not a lot younger or older).

Plan a date Brainstorm with your child appropriate “date activities” such as doing homework together, going for a walk, playing a game, attending a sporting or musical event, or watching television.

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